Custom Designed Cemetery Plot Plantings

Custom Designed Cemetery Plot Plantings in Niagara

Working together with each client to understand their unique vision, needs and budget will allow us to align our services accordingly.

  • Complimentary personal consultation to develop an understanding of the presentation you would like for the final resting place of your loved one such as plant choices and personal touches for the site.  Consultation may be in person, via email or phone - Client's preference
  • Complete preparation of the site: debris removal, edging, fresh soil, fertilizer and cleaning of monument
  • Supply and plant all flowers, shrubs and decor
  • Topping of fresh mulch
  • Digital before and after photos sent to client
  • Optional maintenance includes pruning, deadheading of plants, weeding and watering as needed to keep the flowerbed looking beautiful throughout the season
  • Monument and marker cleaning
  • Bouquet placement
  • Personal memento placement
  • Spring clean-up of your existing plantings
  • Fall/Winter preparation of your existing plantings 
  • Burlap wrapping of shrubs for winter protection
  • Snow removal