Container Gardens - Diversity in Planting

We love how absolutely any space can be enhanced with the beauty of living decor by choosing to plant in containers!  

Sun or shade, inside or out, spaces big or small there is always the ability to complement that space with a container garden!

Flowers are enjoyed by people of all ages and they just make people happy!  Sitting in the comfort of your home, enjoying a cup of coffee-or your favourite beverage - while having gorgeous plants to admire is an ideal way to de-stress and relax.  It is so delightful as well to add plants which attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your home.  Some of our favourites for bringing the hummingbirds are Columbine, Foxglove, Hibiscus and Lobelia.  As for inviting butterflies we especially enjoy Buddleia and Rudbeckia.

Whether it be a little herb garden on the window sill or a large urn overflowing with gorgeous colours and textures...there will always be something for everyone to enjoy with an easy to maintain container garden!